1. Throw Back Tuesday? - Asia 2

    05 May 2016
    I know I post these on Thursday, but last week I didn’t get a chance to finish writing this blog before I left for the weekend at my parents place. Rather than simply waiting till the next Thursday I will post these throw back blogs on the Tuesday after if…

  2. Travel Tips - Cuba 8

    04 May 2016
    Welcome to this weeks edition to travel tips Cuba style 2k16. This will frankly be one of the last few Cuba posts as the photos are running to an end. I’m actually in the works right now of restyling my site, adding new blog themes and much more.     This…

  3. Arrest News Post?

    01 May 2016
    I honestly don’t have a clue to what to call this blog. But I was enjoying my Sunday afternoon about to play some Dark Souls and then I hear a blaring sound approaching near. My first thought is always it’s a fight cause I kinda live in the hood of…

  4. Obey The Brave Contest Experience

    30 Apr 2016
    I hope everyone has been having an incredible weekend so far! For the past two weeks I have been running a contest with the gnarly Canadian band Obey the Brave. Basically we got three 8 x 10 prints that were signed by the entire fan that would be given to three…

  5. Throw Back Thursday - Asia Edition

    28 Apr 2016
         If you hadn’t seen the post on Instagram today marks the 1 year anniversary for when I left Canada to venture Asia for a month. In honor of that trip the next few weeks will be Throw Back posts about the trip containing some of my favorite images…

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