1. Throw Back Thursday - Asia 5

    02 Jun 2016
         Howdy and happy Thursday everyone! Welcome to my latest post reflecting on my trip backpacking through Asia. This morning started with my roommate feeling ill and myself a lot better. While in Cambodia I was sick to the point I missed on activities because I was bed ridden…

  2. Travel - Cuba 11

    02 Jun 2016
         Sorry I didn’t blog at all last week it was super hectic! In short I’m adjusting to an even busier schedule and I gotta find a way to fit these blogs in properly! Back to the purpose of my site, we continue in our adventure exploring downtown Varadero…

  3. Weekly Print Contest - 1

    01 Jun 2016
    Welcome to the first ever weekly print contest! All you gotta do is interact with the corresponding social media where ya see the photo. I’ll elaborate for y’all.       Facebook - If you see the photo all you gotta do is like, comment or share.      Twitter -…

  4. Social Media Print Contest

    24 May 2016
    Howdy y’all! So for the past few months I have been printing out images and as an experiment I’ve been running contests through social media. These contests were ran by myself or with the help of a band that signed large prints. In conclusion I’ll be having a weekly print contest where…

  5. Welcome to The Life of Dom!

    24 May 2016
    If you haven’t noticed the change you’re probably like whaaaaa. I’ve finally decided to change my URL to rather than However if you do go onto you will be directed to!      I changed it because I felt like I was held to an impression that…

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