1. Weekly Print Contest - 5

    05 Jul 2016
    We are still gonna keep it local! In fact, this artist is technically more local than Out of My League is when it comes to distance from me. This week’s print features Brampton’s very own Alessia Cara! A lot of people compare Brampton to a legitimate shithole (I don’t blame…

  2. Print Contest Winner 4

    05 Jul 2016
    Sorry I didn’t have a chance to blog this weekend I was at my parents place enjoying the long weekend with my friends. I didn’t have the content with me to blog about the winner of the contest my apologies I am going to try to figure out how to…

  3. Travel - Northern Thailand

    29 Jun 2016
    Welcome to the Wednesday travel blog series! Since Cuba has now come to an end I shall continue with Asia from here on out. However, there will be changes such as the photo limit being three images. Reason for this is because my schedule is fairly hectic with full time…

  4. Weekly Print Contest - 4

    29 Jun 2016
    This week it’s gonna be local with Ontario’s very own hardcore band, Out of My League. This dates all the way back to August 27, 2015 during Northlane’s promotional tour for their “Node” album. Personally this entire show was a success as a lot of shots from that night have made their…

  5. Print Contest Winner 3

    26 Jun 2016
    Hey everyone I hope you’re all having a good weekend! I’ve been super busy with a concert series shoot last night for Getty & Hilton hotels. It was an awesome night, but it doesn’t stop there as I’ve got another shoot tonight! Obey the Brave are on a mini tour in…

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