1. Travel - Mekong River Day 2

    14 Jul 2016
    It’s weird having to brainstorm how to open up on a blog. I’ve officially posted over 112 blogs in two years time - which I’m fairly proud of! This includes the very first version of my site where it had galleries filled with content from everything I shot. A huge…

  2. Weekly Print Contest - 6

    13 Jul 2016
    Welcome to this week’s print contest series! Everything has been sailing smoothly and almost as expected. I need to figure out how to encourage further engagement from the users of social media! That’s all on the drawing board as I’m writing this, but before I mention who the artist are…

  3. Sunday Blog Post

    10 Jul 2016
    Hey everyone I hope you’re all having a good & warm weekend. It’s been a bit shifty in weather between scorching heat & rainstorms - kinda want one night where it rains from 5:00pm to next morning. I feel like it’d be soothing and I’d like that fresh rain air…

  4. Throw Back Thursday - Week 10

    08 Jul 2016
    So because the Asia blogs have made their way to Wednesday I shall be bringing back the regular Throwback Thursday blog series! I’ll be picking up where I left off from my archived photos in my external hard drive. To keep you up to date we are looking back at…

  5. Travel - Mekong River Day 1

    06 Jul 2016
    Welcome back to my Asia series! We are going from Northern Thailand and entering into Laos to spend the next two days on a slow boat on the mighty Mekong River. It’s the world’s 12th largest river and honestly this experience was incredible. I’d consider it to be my favorite…

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