1. TLC Smiles 11

    23 Jul 2015
    I think this is the earliest I’ve ever started a TLC Smiles post to date! So welcome to those who aren’t night owls and to those who are. Here we are with post 11, which in turn means TLC Smiles would be half over - however one post will not…

  2. TLC Smiles Part 10

    23 Jul 2015
         The hardest part to traveling (other than transportation) is a proper sleeping schedule. I personally never want to miss a thing, so long nights and early mornings are always a huge part to my travels. I don’t travel to sleep and rest, I travel to experience the world and…

  3. TLC Smiles Part 9

    22 Jul 2015
    Before I start this post I’d like to dedicate this to my friend Kolbi. She was a tour guide on my trip in Asia and she has fallen very ill. Also she was present at the time this photo was captured! I hope that you have a quick and healthy…

  4. TLC Smiles Part 8

    19 Jul 2015
    Sorry I keep falling behind on these blog posts I’ve fallen fairly ill, but here is part 8 to TLC Smiles.      So this image was captured shortly after Image 7 on the exact same city exploration trip in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This is another top photo in the entire…

  5. TLC Smiles Part 7

    17 Jul 2015
        This is TLC Smiles part 7, which means this mini-series is officially a week old. Sadly in reality this series is at least two weeks old because of the small break I had. This is probably one of the cutest images I have ever captured on the entire trip…

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