1. Northlane’s North American Node Tour

    28 Aug 2015
    Last night I got the chance to finally see a legit show that I’m interested in ever since I’ve been back from Asia. I’m not saying the past festivals I’ve shot are something I didn’t want to be apart of, but they weren’t really my type of music. I have…

  2. TLC Smiles Final Verdict

    26 Aug 2015
    For the people who don’t wanna read through all the TLC Smiles post and just wanna see photos, this one is for you! I’m putting all the photos together below so you wouldn’t have to go through all 20 posts for images. Enjoy and please let me know      I…

  3. TLC Smiles 20

    24 Aug 2015
         I can’t believe this is an end to my very first blog series! I mean it should have ended a few weeks ago, but life just happens. This post was suppose to be number 4 on the TLC Smiles list, but the person means too much to me to…

  4. Hair Cut

    21 Aug 2015
         The last time I’ve gotten a haircut was back in April, a few weeks before my trip. I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for the past few months, but ever since I got back in Canada I’ve been working nonstop. Now that I finally have a week off…

  5. Photo Assisting

    21 Aug 2015
    Even though I’m having my week off I could never refuse assisting for a job. If I could I’d be doing it a lot more, but right now it isn’t possible. I’m working a full time job and I live 45 minutes away from Toronto when there isn’t traffic. Soon…

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