1. 2016 Update

    16 Jan 2016
    Holy crap I haven’t blogged in ages, but nonetheless Happy New Year!! I hope the winter holidays have been good and warm to y’all. I know I kinda disappeared from social media in terms of my blog, Instagram and Twitter. My laptop crapped out on me and I wasn’t able to edit photos…

  2. Circa Survive Blog

    29 Oct 2015
    Hey there, sorry I haven’t been blogging as much as I should be. I’m still in school and right now it’s midterm examination season… So if ya can’t tell I’ve been attempting to put my focus on school to pass my classes. I do want to blog and I have…

  3. ThanksGiving Weekend

    16 Oct 2015
    Happy belated Thanksgiving the Canadian way! For those who live as the pants of Canada (United States) and don’t know, we celebrate our Thanksgiving a month early in contrast to y’all. To those who don’t know Thanksgiving, it’s a holiday where families are supposed to come together and have a…

  4. Scapes Blog Series

    06 Oct 2015
    The one field of photography I feel like I really lack in is landscape. I can never really figure out how to compose and edit landscape photos. I’m deciding as a way to improve is to start a blog series and post landscape photos and then the next part I…

  5. Nick Jonas Highlights

    05 Oct 2015
    Ha! First blog post for a concert that is on time! Before I start this blog I dedicate it to my friend Daniella because she is the only one I know who likes Nick Jonas? I don’t know, but oh well! This was a bit of a rushed shoot that…

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