1. Cuba - Travel Tip 3

    10 Mar 2016
    Today has been such an incredible day! I started it off getting ready to go for an interview for my dream summer job! There’s a chance that I can be a photography instructor for a children summer camp for my break from school. I felt like I did an exceptional…

  2. Blessthefall - Drop the Gloves Tour

    04 Mar 2016
    Tonight I got to shoot my first legit show of 2016! It’s been so long since I’ve been to a show and shooting for myself. Shooting a show for hire makes it fairly daunting because I get so focused on just shooting; I forgot what it’s like combine the music vibes…

  3. Throw Back Thursday - Week 5

    03 Mar 2016
    Sorry about not posting last week! I had a shoot that day and I thought it would be so cool to blog about, but it didn’t go so well. Anyways! Here is week 5 and I am dedicating this blog post to my TLC family that I met traveling south east Asia…

  4. Cuba - Travel Tips 2

    03 Mar 2016
    So this weeks travel tips will be geared towards some water adventures you’d encounter on the beach! Going to a beach unprepared can be no bueno in a lot of cases!  This was the first beach photo I snagged in Cuba! That day the water was most calm in contrast…

  5. Cuba - Travel Tips

    25 Feb 2016
    As of a way to share my photos of Cuba I thought, lets add some tips that would have made this trip easier for myself! There were a few issues encountered on this trip that could have been avoided or cannot be avoided. For the things you cannot really avoid…

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