1. Dom in Nam - Part 1

    24 Jan 2018
    Happy 2018 everyone and all the best to those making their dreams come true! It has been a while since I’ve last written a post and so much has changed, for instance I am no longer in Canada as the title would suggest. Currently I’m traveling throughout South East Asia…

  2. October 10th. 2017

    11 Oct 2017
    Oh boy has time passed since I’ve written a blog. I gotta express the thoughts I’ve collected throughout the day, cause honestly today was a blast! It consists of a typical Dom kinda day involving school work and photos, but what really made today special is being able to see…

  3. Sleeklens Review: Landscape Adventure in Cuba - Photoshop Workflow

    29 Jan 2017
    Hello, everyone! It has been a tremendous amount of time since I’ve written a blog, but I am back… I’ve decided to shift my focus on other objectives in my life while still pursuing photography, hence my disappearance. It has reached a point where school and my photography career has…

  4. Reading Week - Cottage - Underpass

    17 Oct 2016
    This week was kinda week off from school where classes were canceled, but we had to get prepared for midterms or catch up on reading. Some students were probably buried alive by homework and some were probably on the tropical beaches just chilling. I had been productive as I could…

  5. Throw Back Thursday - Fall 2016

    14 Oct 2016
    I’ll be picking up from  where I spent my first night in Luang Prabang after the Mekong river voyage. One of the absolute necessary activities while visiting Laos is explore Kuang Si Falls, located roughly 45 minutes away from Luang Prabang. The waterfall is the most beautiful I have ever…

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